Here you can find a selection of original artwork I created within the past five years.  

If you are interested in any painting please feel free to contact me.


Small Paintings

30cm x 30cm x 4,5cm

40cm x 40cm x 4,5cm

50cm x 40cm x 4,5cm

60cm x 50cm x 4,5cm

60cm x 60cm x 4,5cm


Medium Paintings

50cm x 80cm x 4,5cm

70cm x 100cm x 4,5cm

76cm x 61cm x 3,5cm

80cm x 80cm x 4,5cm

100cm x 70cm x 4,5cm


Large Paintings

60cm x 120cm x 4,5cm

80cm x 120cm x 4,5cm

100cm x 140cm x 4,5cm

100cm x 150cm x 4,5cm

120cm x 40cm x 4,5cm

120cm x 80cm x 4,5cm

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